Locale::Po4a::Chooser(3) po4a モジュール管理


Locale::Po4a::Chooser is a module to manage po4a modules. Previously, all po4a binaries used to know all po4a modules (pod, man, sgml, etc). This made the addition of a new module boring, because you had to make sure that the documentation is synchronized in all modules, and that each of them can access the new module.

現在では Locale::Po4a::Chooser::new() 関数にモジュール名を引数として渡して呼ぶだけです。

The function Locale::Po4a::Chooser::list() lists the available formats, and exits with the value passed as argument. So, we call Locale::Po4a::Chooser::list(0) when requested for the list of formats, and Locale::Po4a::Chooser::list(1) when passed an invalid format name.


 Denis Barbier <[email protected]>
 Martin Quinson (mquinson#debian.org)


 倉澤 望 <[email protected]>
 Debian JP Documentation ML <[email protected]>


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