deb-origin(5) ベンダ固有情報ファイル




The files in /etc/dpkg/origins can provide information about various vendors who are providing Debian packages.

They contain a number of fields, or comments when the line starts with '#'. Each field begins with a tag, such as Vendor or Parent, followed by a colon and the body of the field. Fields are delimited only by field tags. In other words, field text may be multiple lines in length, but the tools will join lines when processing the body of the field.

The file should be named according to the vendor name. The usual convention is to name the vendor file using the vendor name in all lowercase, but some variation is permitted. Namely, spaces are mapped to dashes ('-'), and the file can have the same casing as the value in Vendor field, or it can be capitalized.


Vendor: vendor-name (required)
Vendor-URL: vendor-url
このフィールドの値によってベンダの URL が決まる。
Bugs: bug-url
このフィールドの値によって、このベンダが使用しているバグトラッキングシステムの種類やアドレスが決まる。これは、mailto URL や debbugs URL (例えば debbugs:// など) といった値をとる。
Parent: vendor-name

Vendor: Debian
Bugs: debbugs://


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